Filemaker users commonly ask for more subtle control, greater flexibility, and a more satisfying user experience than can be easily built on other platforms. These organizations and businesses often have slightly different models that don't quite fit into what's available off the shelf. They above all need good listeners to interpret those models.

Filemaker developers often come from the humanities, professions, business, non-profit, or education arenas. And, they often started out as users who became more intrigued with the tool than with whatever they were using it to do.

The result is not just former teachers building systems for schools, lawyers creating vertical market solutions for law firms, or doctors designing user friendly packages for small, busy practices; it can also mean a musician setting up an order entry system for a manufacturing company, that the users actually enjoy using; a graphic designer building a project management system, that is not ugly, for a government agency; or an engineer helping a community arts association tie together its disparate parts.

Datagrace's goal, in short, is an unexpected richness of content and interface, informed by the technical knowledge that is only a starting point.

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